Teaching and workshops

Bambos Georgiou

Bambos teaches comic book creation to children, young people and adults.


Very enthusiastic comments from all the attendees. The children really enjoyed it and we would love to hold more workshops like this”. Library staff, Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information Service.


His youngest students have been years R, 1,2, and 3 at a infant school in Sussex (including a special support class for children with speech and language difficulties) to teaching adults in New Writing South's first graphic novel workshops for committeed early creatives (see feedback below).


Bambos is passionate about the medium of comic books and champions enabling new technology, with his Digital Comics Workshop selected as the UK's largest Digital Festival's top opening event in Brighton in 2014. Bambos is currently working with Libraries | Sheffield on a series of summer comic book creation workshops for children seven to 11 and with Ruskin In Sheffield ww.ruskininsheffield.org on its Seeing Beauty, Inspiring Minds arts projects where he'll be mentoring 13 to 18 years old through the production of their first comic book artwork. With talent development one of Bambos's specialities, he is delighted to be part of this Arts Council England funded arts project.


Bambos is a member of a-n, the largest artists’ membership organisation in the UK with over 22,000 members, has DBS accreditation and full professional insurance.


New Writing South's attendee feedback, graphic novel workshop


"Excellent and engaging" " Encouraging and insightful"

"Concise, honest, great overview" "Intuitive, clever and encouraging"




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