Sheffield Comics Network


Bambos founded the Sheffield Comics Network, a meet-up for comic creatives and enthusiasts, in April 2016 and it has grown steadily since then.


Bambos co-ordinated and led the Sheffield Comics Networks delivery of a comics drawing workshop as part of the Big Draw 2017 (, in partnership with Ruskin in Sheffield ( and the Walkley Carnegie Library.


Ruth Nutter, Producer of Ruskin Sheffield commented:


“I wanted to thank you for your brilliant work on Saturday, the feedback was great”.


Bambos’ work with the network includes working with La Bibiloteka (www.labiblioteka) a periodicals shop, studio and project space located in central Sheffield to ensure the network’s publications are available.


Bambos is committed to promoting the accessibility of comics to everyone particularly marginalised people and communities. As the child of Greek Cypriot immigrants he started school knowing no English, so he taught himself by reading comics.


This personal experience of learning to read from comics, how it removed barriers and fired his imagination, enriches his teaching and drives his engagement with initiatives like The Big Draw.

Photograph Bambos Georgiou

©Bambos Georgiou 2015